For years now, I have been flipping between putting all my energy and resources into building my own business and working a day job with the business on the side. I have done both and I still don’t have the right chemistry of time and balance to make the income I am worth.

I am an over educated woman with a lot of insightful experience. So why can’t I make a living wage either on my own or with a company? Maybe I am “blocked” or “stuck” and need to read books about the mistakes women make in their careers. Or maybe my energy, mindset, or outlook is wrong. As a born optimist, creative, and child who could play in an entire world of her own making, I am pretty sure the latter is not the issue.

So, here I am again, back where I started in 2020, in 2021. Factoring in a horrendous year of injustice, a worldwide pandemic, cratered economy, and deceptive leadership, I’d say I am doing ok. I survived and have a positive balance in my personal and business checking. In 2020, since I couldn’t necessary move forward, I moved in. I did a lot of Foundation Building in the business and in myself. I created a list of Transferable Skills from my insightful experience and education to use on most any resume I send out. I stopped doing things that wasted my time or I didn’t like, and I said no to people that wanted to use my work for their gain.

What I discovered is, I continue to Chase Myself because….wait for it…. I don’t really know myself. In all my years of insightful experience, I put others first, pleasing and morphing into what I needed to be and what you needed me to be, personally and professionally. So, at the beginning of this years’ journey, I believe I will stop the chase, build from the Foundation and finally begin the Creation of Myself.

I am a Singer, Business Owner, and Community Connector. I am not just my work and I am not defined by a single track of interests. Join Me!